My First Post!

So WordPress, huh? I’ve probably heard of this website once or twice before but I’ve never actually had the chance to see it.

At this point, it looks fairly interesting. I have yet to explore the things I can do on this website, but so far, I have to say it looks kind of like but a tad simpler and more polished than the quirky design of Tumblr. Nonetheless, I really like the blue and white design of the webpage. Thumbs up!

I used to blog on Tumblr a lot but unfortunately I got so busy that I wasn’t able to open my Tumblr account for months and I ended up forgetting my password.

Apart from that, now that I’ve subscribed to my school’s (Silliman University) wifi connection, I can’t connect to Tumblr anymore because they’ve blocked the site.

I honestly couldn’t believe it at first but what the hell, I forgot my password anyway.
History aside, I’ve encountered WordPress and I hope it does justice to all the good reviews I’ve read about it. Congrats to me on my first post! 🙂


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