Whoever said “Sleeping late is so much easier than waking up early,” was a genius.

As of this moment it is already 7 AM, and I’ve been awake since 8 AM… of yesterday. I came home from a night out with my friends from Kahayag and though I didn’t spend the night out like how I usually do (drinking, dancing, etc.), I actually had a lot of fun chatting the night away with Kuya Boe and Kuya Leo.

It’s just crazy how I can stay up until 7 AM when I have nothing to do, but then I can barely keep my eyes open when I’m studying for exams.

*8:30 AM
Truly, I slept while writing this post. I awoke just now with my right cheek and my right elbow drenched in saliva. Ew. Gross much.
I found it quite embarrassing considering the fact that other dormers have already awoken and even my roommate saw me sleeping awhile ago with my head resting on the table.

And now, my oh my, why didn’t I buy sunglasses when I had the opportunity (and the money) to buy one. Puffy and half-open, my eyes are basically screaming, “Sunglasses, please! Dyl, why don’t you put on sunglasses?”

To my eyes and the bags under it, sorry I never felt the need for sunglasses — until now.


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