INC: Please complete me.

“Please complete me,” is exactly what my INC (Incomplete) grade is asking of me right now or rather the completion of my INC grade is exactly what my mother keeps on reminding me every waking day since I found an “INC” plastered on my record online.

Dear God, my mother must have had an almost heart attack, while, I, on the other was as calm as I could be when I first saw it.

My teacher said I had enough time to take care of my INC grade and that she really wanted me to do a good job on it because she knows that I can do my final paper better than I did.

And so I took on the task of completing my INC failing to foresee the obstacle I’m now currently tackling: my laziness.

It is already February and by next month, it is going to be finals! Dammit, time flies so fast.
I didn’t even notice January passing by, and now it’s already the 27th of February? Are you kidding me?

On top of the INC I need to complete, there is also the issue of another paper I have to finish (ehem.. start) writing which is also due before finals and… and.. Darn it, I think the first thing I have to do is to stop writing on WordPress this instant.

Temporarily, that is.

Gonna log out now… after… publishing… this… post… -_-


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