Problems, spare this one part of my life, please.

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse.

I went to the studio seeking relief only to find out that that one place I consider a sanctuary was not exempted from problems of the world after all.

We tackle problems at the studio all the time, but of all the days the Lord has made, it just had to be today!

And to think, the sermon from our Artistic Director tonight was something that didn’t need to be said because he had voiced out the same concern more than once already.

I mean, seriously, other people do not seem to get the concept of initiative. It’s frustrating!
Each member of the company has his/her own problems to deal with outside the studio, and to bring to surface new problems involving the company can almost feel like emotional and psychological suicide for the other members.

Hearing our Artistic Director’s frustrations was also frustrating on my part. Absences, tardiness, and untidiness are such trivial yet important things to keep in mind for the benefit of every member and the studio that we, as dancers, basically live in.

This day was definitely emotionally draining (and to think this day isn’t over just yet). It all feels like every aspect of my life is falling apart and I’m too tired to do anything about it.



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