I am me, proud to be.

I am me, proud to be.

When I decided on what to represent for this photo shoot, there was nothing harder than explaining to people what hyperhidrosis was.
It was hard enough to admit it, and people expected me to explain it further.
It’s hard having such a condition. Hyperhidrosis may even ruin one’s life if one lets it.
Lucky for me, I’ve been able to manage the struggles on a day-to-day basis.

Photo by: RJ Bagalanon
Photo manipulation by: yours truly

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A .1 away from passing

Wow. That is all I can say. And to think Communication 24, one of my major subjects last semester, was definitely the subject I was so sure I’d pass. Thank you very much Sir. Thank you very much for wasting my tuition fee. Thank you very much for meeting us only twice for the second half of the semester. I really appreciate how you never took into consideration the fact that we, my classmates and I, waited for you for a whole of two hours on finals week, only to find out that you were not going to meet us on the day of our final exam that you, yourself scheduled. Thank you!

Thank you also for the very late submission of our grades! So what do you expect me to do now? Retake Communication 24? Seriously? And where did the tuition fee my parents paid for went? They went to all the supposed school days on which you were absent. I truly appreciate that.

I may have had lapses during the first half of the semester but that definitely did not equal the lapses (what an understatement) you had during the last half. No midterms and no finals – how the hell did you create our grades?

And what’s even more funny is that when you first attempted to submit our grades to our college secretary, well you had them all wrong because you mistook the University’s grading system for the usual grading system of other universities/colleges here in Dumaguete City.

Oh my God! Why did you even decide to accept the responsibility of teaching Communication 24 (Media Ethics) when you knew there were plenty of other things you had to pay attention to?

I cannot believe this is actually happening! The very least you could give to any of your Communication 24 student is a 3.0 grade. Damn you for giving me 2.4!

Damn you for assessing my performance in whatever way you did when you performed very poorly yourself. And lucky me! What a way to start my awesome school year.

The Effort to Look Good



Making an effort to really look your best does make a difference.

I used to love dressing up when I was back in High School. I used to love the thrill of stressing out on what to wear, what shoes to strut in, and what accessories will go with my outfit. Events in school used to be such a BIG deal. High School night was one of the most awaited events other than Junior-Senior Promenade.

For me, going to the event ugly and unnoticeable was unacceptable. I would prefer not showing up at all rather than showing up in a totally drab ensemble. That to me  was just… Ew! Unthinkable.

Lately though, came the 2014 Kahayag Year-End Tribute Party. My absolute worst foot forward ever. Because of exhaustion and stress – not the good kind of stress, I seriously did not care what I wore on that night. Like seriously. I did not even bother to look for an outfit because I just did not have time to spare. I didn’t even bother to borrow an outfit from any dormmate since almost everyone at the dorm left for their hometowns already.

The theme was Gods and Goddesses in white. I did not come close to looking like a goddess, nor even a god. As in, oh my God, absolute worst. Ever. I was in white alright. White sleeveless shirt, shorts, blue slippers, and a just-got-out-of-bed hairdo. So help me God, imagine that! I decided right there and then that I was not gonna walk down the make-believe runway, and since I was a photographer anyway, I appointed myself official photographer for that event. Yes I did not have the gall, to display my unprepared outfit (if it was even an outfit at all).

I had the same bad, stressed out vibes right before baby Paula’s first birthday party. That was not a good sign. I just didn’t want to stress out on what to wear anymore. And the party had such a high call. My BFF and mother of baby Paula, Janina, was wearing a floor-length dress, so was Tita Tata, and the other 5 cousins. I was gonna wear a peplum dress – appropriate for the occasion but I felt I’d be underdressed if I wore it.

Nonetheless, I decided the on the 2nd of April that I would wear my black and white peplum dress. But it just so happened that that dress was dry-clean only and my mother did not dry-clean the dress so the color black spread all the way to the white areas of the dress and totally destroyed it! Thank you for adding to the stress, peplum dress!


I guess that was a blessing in disguise because I instantly found the light blue green dress (picture above) on my very first survey of the dress section at Lee Plaza that early morning on April 3. The pressure from finding a dress actually pumped me up and I found myself excited to buy baby Paula’s gift and excited to dress up and get ready for the party later that day.

And now, as I look at the pictures, I’m satisfied. I’m glad I went through the effort and I’m glad that I allowed myself to have fun. I love dressing up and I love the feeling of being pretty and being put-together even if only for special occasions and events. I’m super happy my effort made a considerable difference.